BuddyPress addon for Viral Invites plugin released

It’s not often we receive requests for integration requests for Viral Invites (possibly because it already seamlessly integrates with WordPress’ own registration system), but when we do, we like to accommodate!

Behold the Viral Invites BuddyPress addon. This is a free download, available on GitHub.

Please understand that this is an addon, not a standalone plugin, so you need Viral Invites installed and activated, otherwise this BuddyPress addon (understandably) won’t do anything.

After all three plugins (Viral Invites, Viral Invites BuddyPress, BuddyPress) are activated, you’ll see a new “Invitation Code” field on your BuddyPress registration page.


This will then check if the user has a valid code before being allowed to register.

No configuration necessary, just activate, and go. Enjoy!

Meet Our Fiery Mascot: Flint

Hi, I'm Flint

Hi, I’m Flint

Hey, welcome to Pluginferno, the hottest premium WordPress plugin site on the interwebs!

This page isn’t about Pluginferno though, it’s about our mascot: Flint.

Get it? As in the sedimentary cryptocrystalline form of the mineral quartz? Better known as that rock neanderthals use to make fire.

Pretty creative name, huh?

Anyway, Flint likes well-indented code, hates malicious SQL injection, and enjoys long walks through the repository.

You’ll probably see him flickering in random places throughout the site, especially his favorite spot on the internet: the homepage.