Privacy Policy

Finally, a privacy policy written in plain English!

Google Stuff

We use Google Analytics to track stuff like your general location, device, how you got here, amount of time you spent on the site, what page you leave on. All of this data is aggregated and anonymized so we won’t be able to tell if you specifically bounced from Pluginferno after like 2 seconds.

We use this data to make better user experience decisions. For example, if we see a certain page has a really high exit rate, that tells us that that page sucks and we should redesign it or something.

We also use Google Fonts to serve pretty fonts on Google’s speedy content delivery network. We reserve the right to host our jQuery on Google’s CDN too.

If you’re creeped out by Google tracking your every online move, we don’t blame you. Feel free to use a browser plugin like Ghostery to block these tracking scripts. And maybe uninstall Chrome and use DuckDuckGo.

Server Logs

Our server also maintains access logs with information like visitor IP address, which pages you accessed, and when. We may use this information to determine if you’re an evil bot or an actual human being looking to buy an awesome WordPress plugin.

Customers Only

If you’re a customer, we’ll track your IP address and email address. This sort of data may be used for fraud prevention. We may also keep your email address on file for password recovery reasons. We may also keep your email address on file for necessary account updates, like if one of our plugins has some epic security flaw and we need to notify you about it. Hopefully we never have to send one of these emails.

If you use our software licensing (i.e. auto updates) we will keep track of your server IP address and URL when you activate, deactivate, and use an auto-update. If you have a problem with this, don’t activate your license on your site. You can always download the latest version of whatever product you bought from your account area and install it manually.

If you want us to delete your account on the site for whatever reason, let us know and we will respect your request.

Email List People

If you opt-in to our email list, we will ask for your email (duh) as well as optionally your first name and email preference (HTML or text). You can unsubscribe at any time via MailChimp.

For Everyone

We will NEVER sell, or give away any of this info. It’s for Flint‘s eyes only.